These are my newest creations for my apartment! I'm going to hang them on my wall I must be feeling pretty artsy these days because not only did I do these in one day, I'm also working on a dresser for my room :) I'm not just painting...I'm painting it and doing a faux finish! I'm so proud of myself lol. Anyways...totally loving getting stuff ready for my apartment. It's making me so excited to move back to springfield, as if getting back to my boyfriend isn't reason enough! So, just thought I would blog about my newest creations. I LOVE love!



So as you know, I just was hired as a nanny last week but was only hired for part time work. I work from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (ish). I really wanted to find another part time job because the 15 hours a week was not enough for me to make through the summer. Last night, I was asked to work at my church as my youth pastor's assistant. WHAT A BLESSING! God is so awesome! So I have a really jam packed schedule right now, but I know that God is preparing me for some crazy awesome things. Getting to work with David is going to be a really awesome experience for me and I know that this summer is ultimately preparing me for what is to come in my future. As a teacher I'm going to have lots of things to juggle; schedules, 20 kids, lesson plans, recess duty, grading papers, etc. so I'm looking at this busy season right now as preparation. Thanks for reading about my crazy awesome life! I realized after writing this, I'm kinda a rambler lol. Peace.


innocence on a volcanic island.

So this last Monday, Memorial Day, I went to Lowe's/Home Depot with my dad to pick out paint for my dresser that I'm "revamping". So anyways, it's this really old dresser that we've had for years and it's been in the basement so I decided to repaint it and use it in my apartment. Well, I decided on painting it cream and then glazing it with brown to make it look antique(ish). So I thought, hey I'll run to Home Depot really quick and grab cream colored paint....LIES! It was certainly not a quick process. They have like 1,000 different shades of cream paint. So after much deliberation I decided on the color, Innocence. The brown that I chose was called Volcanic Island so my dad kept saying, "innocence on a volcanic island". Anyways, I'm way excited for my dresser! It's really looking great! I'll put up before and after pics on my next post. Peace.


are you going to nanny me?

So for those of you that read my last post, I was jobless yesterday but had gone on two interviews on Tuesday. The nannying interview I had seemed like such a great job and I was really really praying that I would get it. After the interview she told me that she would talk to her husband this week and probably make a decision sometime next week, well the next morning (yesterday) I got a call from her saying that she talked to her husband and they wanted to offer me the job!! So not only did I get the job, but I started this morning! So yesterday I went to their house and my basic "duties" were explained to me, I wake up their two kids (Hannah, 6 and Jonathan, 2) at 6:30 a.m. and get them ready for school, get them breakfast and take them to school, then I come back to the house and do whatever house chores they have for me. Well after I took the tour of their house, I was leaving and Hannah runs up to me and goes, "Are you going to be here tomorrow to nanny me?" AWWWW!! What a cutie!! So anyways, like I said, I started this morning and everything went SOOOOOOO smoothly. The kids are so great and Hannah is so helpful! So today I just did laundry, did the dishes and picked up the kids' toys. SUCH A GREAT JOB!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!


the hunt.

Well, I had two job interviews yesterday...I'm really really praying that I get both of them. They would be so perfect for me! I'm resting in the fact that whatever happens in regards to a job this summer is what God wants for me this summer, so there's no need to stress about it. Sometimes though, I feel like saying that I'm okay because I'm in God's will is easier than actually doing it. Sometimes I get a little stressed about the fact that I have a very very minimal income right now (consisting of babysitting). If you get some time today, could you say a little prayer for my job situation? Thanks. Peace.


if they're so wise...

So I thought about blogging yesterday, but seeing as how I had just got my wisdom teeth pulled out, I figured all of my eager fans (ha ha please) could wait until today to read of my experience. So if you know me well, you know that i have a VERY low pain tolerance. Well, I let my dentist know the very same thing. So I'm laying in the dentist chair and my dentist comes in to give me my numbing shots. I swear he gave me like 15 (i'm pretty sure i'm not exaggerating). None of those hurt EXCEPT the two that he did on the roof of my mouth....OUCH! Anyways, he pulled out all 4 without any complications and now I just have 4 holes in my mouth. I've been living off of Jello and vitamin water for two days and then the Perry's surprised me and brought me a milk shake!! What great friends! Anyways, maybe I'll put pics up of my teeth to gross everyone out :) if anyone knows why they're called wisdom teeth let me know...if they're so wise, why do you have to get them taken out? peace.



Today I went with my dad on a job and helped him. I've come to the conclusion and am somewhat satisfied that this summer may just be the summer of odd jobs. So anyways, spent the day with my dad cleaning the tile in a lady's bathroom, which ended up looking amazing. When we got home (very tired and hungry) I went and took a shower then my dad attempted to make dinner (which he did very well). He made bourbon chicken, rice and peas. Not to take away from his skills but the chicken was frozen bourbon chicken, my mom had made the rice earlier, and the peas were in a can. I so love my dad! Then after dinner I decided that osteoporosis is too great a risk in my future to ignore (due to the fact that I am not a big dairy fan), so I took it upon myself to drink a glass of milk. I had to add Ovaltine, otherwise, the milk wouldn't have happened. Gotta take care of my future self's bones. Milk, the drink of champions. Peace.